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2in1 Eyebrow Soap X Tint

2in1 Eyebrow Soap X Tint

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Two-in-One Solution: Enjoy the convenience of our 2-in-1 eyebrow wax and tint combo, designed for effortless styling and coloring in just two simple steps.

Distinctive Full Brow Shapes: Achieve full, distinctive eyebrow shapes with our unique combination, lifting and setting your brows for a natural 3D effect.

Styling Wax & Long-Lasting Tint: Our styling wax lifts and shapes brows while the long-lasting tint fills in color, giving you fuller, perfectly shaped brows that last all day.

Natural & Neat Appearance: Say goodbye to sparse or messy brows - our product creates a thick, neat appearance with a natural flow, ensuring your brows stay perfect all day long.

Effortless All-Day Styling: Experience long-lasting hold and color-locking with our two-step application, ensuring your brow shape stays natural and straight from morning to night.


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