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pH Color Changing Lip Balm

pH Color Changing Lip Balm

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Glowing & Tender Lips: Our Moist Color Changing Lip Balm creates glowing, natural, and tender lips, enhancing your complexion with a translucent luster and warm color change.

Natural Moisturizing Formula: Formulated with beeswax and Vaseline, our lip balm moisturizes and repairs dry lips, maintaining plumpness and moisture without feeling heavy or sticky.

Temperature-Sensitive Discoloration: Experience thousands of color variations as the balm changes hues according to the temperature of your lips, ensuring a unique shade for every individual.

Long-Lasting Hydration: Keep your lips moisturized and hydrated all day long with our long-lasting formula, preventing dryness and maintaining a smooth lip texture.

Multi-Purpose Use: Use it alone to improve complexion or as a base for lip makeup to create a natural, shiny lip look. Additionally, it works as a lip primer, ensuring smooth application and lustrous lips with every use.


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