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3in1 Hairlike Strokes Eyebrow Pencil

3in1 Hairlike Strokes Eyebrow Pencil

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All-in-One Convenience: Our Natural Soft Mist 3-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil combines an eyebrow knife, eyebrow pencil, and eyebrow brush, offering all the tools you need for clean and precise eyebrow makeup in one product.

Triangular Refill Design: Featuring a triangular refill, our pencil allows for three-dimensional eyebrow shaping with precision, enabling you to create defined brows with point, line, and surface.

Smooth Application: Enriched with hydrogenated coconut oil, our formula glides on smoothly without sticking, ensuring clear and wild eyebrows without damaging the skin.

Natural Color: Achieve a natural color rendering that blends seamlessly with your brows, enhancing their appearance without looking harsh or artificial.

Safety First: Equipped with a safety macro mesh, our eyebrow knife prevents scratching the skin while trimming eyebrows neatly, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.


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