Share Your Unboxing Moment and Win!

Join our exclusive giveaway in a few simple steps and win!

We're rewarding our cherished customers who share their joy and excitement through unboxing videos. By participating, you get the chance to win a full refund on your purchase (up to AED 500). Below are the details on how you can join and make your unboxing experience a winning moment.

How to Participate

1. Shop: Start by making a purchase on

2. Unbox & Record: Create a high-definition, engaging unboxing video of your purchase.

3. Share Your Video: Post it on social media, tagging @otwooarabia and using the appropriate post caption mentions.

Additional Eligibility Rules

To ensure your entry is valid and stands a chance to win, please adhere to the following rules:

- Quality Matters: Your video should be in HD quality and free from blurriness to ensure it captures the essence of your unboxing experience vividly.

- Keep it Clear: Avoid covering the screen with texts or watermarks; your product and reaction should be the stars of the show.

- Tagging: Ensure @otwooarabia is tagged and mentioned in your post captions. Do not tag other pages—this moment is between you and O.TWO.O Arabia!

- Duration: Your video should be at least 30 seconds long, giving you ample time to showcase your product and share your initial thoughts and reactions.

- Inspiration: Need ideas? Take cues from unboxing videos posted on our social media pages for inspiration on crafting your winning entry.

- Timeliness: Videos must be posted within 2 weeks of your purchase date to qualify.
Winning Criteria

- Unlimited Winners: There's no cap on the number of winners each day; your video's eligibility to be featured on our social media pages is your ticket to winning.

- Repost Eligibility: Only videos that meet our quality and engagement criteria—and are suitable for reposting on @otwooarabia—will win the 100% cashback up to AED 500. No exceptions.

What You Win

If your video is selected, you'll be rewarded with a full refund of your purchase (up to AED 500). It's our way of thanking you for sharing your unboxing experience and creativity.

Ready to Unbox and Win?

We're excited to see your unboxing videos! Your creativity not only showcases the joy our products bring but also inspires the entire O.TWO.O community. For any inquiries or more details, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Let the unboxing begin!